"How can you sincerely repent if you have not sinned?"-Rasputin

The time has come to satisfy your craving for sinful behavior. RASPUTIN’S ROOM brings you an extravaganza of opulent indulgence. RASPUTIN’S ROOM is a lavish evening overflowing with sumptuous burlesque, riotous comedians and spellbinding chanteuses. RASPUTIN'S ROOM features a rotating cast of the most alluring local and international performers! RASPUTIN'S ROOM is Philly's Poshest Burlesque Show!

705 N. 2nd St.​Philly

Rasputin's Room

Featuring Lil' Steph

Rasputin's Room 

 The preeminent Philadelphia Burlesque Show

Commonwealth Entertainment

 with performances by Commonwealth Entertainment

Enjoy delicious cocktails while being entertained by opulent burlesque performances

​March 26, 2019

11pm, midnight and 1am

performances by Commonwealth Entertainment

Commonwealth Entertainment presents elegant and sophisticated affairs featuring top notch performers.  Artistic directrix Lil’ Steph, has produced numerous shows over her career  including Bravissimo Burlesque, Rasputin’s Room and Sin Cities. She aims to bring decadence and superb entertainment to the Philly nightlife scene. A purveyor of timeless entertainment, Commonwealth events are inspired by a wondrous assemblage of artistic aesthetics, sin cities of eras past, and the escapist beauty of vintage showgirls.

Burlesque and Booze Fridays at Infusion Lounge 

September 27, 2019

Burlesque performances by Commonwealth Entertainment 

Performances at 11pm, midnight and 1am

​Impact play demo presented by

Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora


Infusion Lounge 

16 S. 2nd St.


at Double Visions 

Bourbon and Branch.

​​​Philadelphia Burlesque Shows

Domina, Mistress, Goddess, she is the mystical Femme Domme. Enter the realm of the dominatrix. Realm of the Dominatrix presents a kink cabaret exploring the power of BDSM and femme domme. The Priestess of Debauchery, pro domme Mistress Isadora will be presenting The Etiquette of a Spanking demo amid an evening of tantalizing Philadelphia burlesque performances.

Top Notch Burlesque Shows in Philadelphia curated by notorious artistic directrix Lil' Steph

Burlesque Night

Established 2013

Realm of the Dominatrix

Infusion Lounge presents The Art of BDSM Series

September 20, 2019